Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekly Links (Week of Jan.25, 2010)

This week's links are somewhat Internet-centric, but I've also tried to mix in some interesting ones on leadership, sustainability, quant/statistics and Internet marketing/measurement.

Role Models - (Fred Wilson, A VC Blog, Jan.2010) - I had a conversation with my wife (@GracelyGirl) the other day, as we're starting to see interests from our daughters in various topics. My point to her was if they are interested in things we don't have expertise in (science, art, etc.), we should find someone that can give them guidance and insight. Giving people a role model early in life is so important, especially someone in a nearby age-group, as it helps them understand that their passions and goals are obtainable.

Will the Internet F* with Wall Street? - (Chris Dixon Blog, Jan.2010) - I haven't written about this theme in a little while, so here goes. This article does a nice job of highlighting the difference between doing things differently with technology, and technology being the differentiator to truly disrupt an industry. The article highlights a company called Square (@square), created by the founder of Twitter, which is focused on creating a new way for SMBs and individuals to conduct monetary transactions. Square doesn't disrupt the previous financial industry, but it's thinking like this that could open the doors to new interaction models for the economy.

Will Amazon be the New Wal-Mart? - (GigaOm - Jan.2010) - while companies like WalMart and Best buy have been highlighted for their sustainability initiatives, maybe the company to begin focusing on is Amazon. With Amazon's revenues growing faster than their competitors, should they be driving the next stages of consumer/retail sustainability? Do they have any inherent advantage in this space because they are fundamentally virtual, as opposed to the huge physical footprints of Amazon and Best Buy?

How to Measure the Internet? - For anyone that is getting involved in a business that may drive revenue from online advertising, or will gain share because of online visibility, here are some interesting reads to get a deeper understanding about how the Internet is measure by external agencies. It also highlights how the measurement of the Internet has moved from a sampling-based model to a more direct measurement model.
How to Measure ROI - (Fred Wilson, A VC Blog, Jan.2010) - A quick Entrepreneurial refresher course for anyone starting a business and having to negotiate with investors (Angel, VC, etc.)

Re-examining the Value Chain - Apple Table (The Logical Idea - Jan.2010) - A nice look at how the recently announced Apple iPad show not be evaluated on it's technology, but on it's potential ability to change buying habits of readers of eBooks (or other reading-centric content). A strategic analysis of how it may help or hinder the publishing industry. (note: Some of my pre-announcement and post-announcement thoughts on the iPad)

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