Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back from China

Now that I'm back from an incredible two week journey through the Middle Kingdom, it's time to start getting some of my learnings down in electronic format. I'll be working through a bunch of posts over the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to make a list of topics that will be coming in future posts. This was a list I made on the plane and during company visits the last couple of weeks:

  • Making Sense of the Tremendous Growth in China (growth of cities; gov't growth rate requirements; dependence on US consumption vs. Chinese consumption for growth)
  • The Gov't created "stability" floor for industries
  • The Chinese approach to control vs. chaos (media, reaction to events, etc.)
  • Looking at the world from Eastern vs. Western viewpoints
  • Who defines company strategies (especially in SOE-JV's), the company or the gov't?
  • SOE vs. Private vs. JV companies - Pros and Cons of each
  • Opportunities for Americans in China
  • The need for Americans to better understand China
  • If China succeeds (but uses all non-China natural resources), can the rest of the world survive?
  • The big China challenges (population, land, environment, internal consumption, social security)
  • Cultural Requirements to doing business in China
  • Are you studying China, the way China studies the US?
  • The 1.3B person underdog with the huge bankroll

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