Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Freckle Pony" - American Stampede Mustang National Champion

Congratulation to classmate (and China trip companion) Wendy Perry and her family. They won 1st place in this weekend's American Stampede Mustang National Show in the Occasionally Driven/Trailered division. This was the first time they have entered "Freckle Pony" in a judged competition.

This 1966 Mustang was a sweet 16th birthday present that has been fully restored by Wendy, her father Buddy and brother Jeff.

Wendy had promised to bring the car to class one weekend and give some of us a ride, but now that it's a National Champion, I suspect that offer may not happen anymore. Cars like that tend to stay in the garage. Maybe we'll be able to talk her into it, if we promise not to let it get scratched or dinged.
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