Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Final Semester Approaches

While it's still four months away, there is beginning to flicker a small light at the end of this tunnel. This last semester will take us into December, completely the last leg of this 18 month journey. The final semester is a mix of foundational studies, advanced strategic studies, and a deep look at one of the biggest challenges facing our world as a whole.

Here's the line-up for the fall semester:

Global Strategy II - Dr. Ram Baliga expands upon the strategic framework created last semester to explore the next layers of corporate strategy, mergers & acquisitions, and the global thinking required for the 21st century.
Business Law - I don't know much about this course (no syllabus yet), other than it will be taught by Miki Felsenburg from the Babcock Law School. I know the text book should not be dropped on my toes (about 5" thick).

Leading Change - Dr. Dan Fogel will explore how to take all these brilliant ideas people have and get them implemented in small, medium and large corporations.

Entrepreneurial Essentials - Dr. Stan Mandel will provide us the framework for starting new ventures, fostering great ideas and thinking like an entrepreneur whether we're starting a new business or trapped within a larger corporation. I'm hoping he also proves my previous comments about Entrepreneurship in EMBA programs to be badly misrepresented.

Management Practicum - No academic program would be complete without throwing in a couple of $0.25 words like "practicum", so here we go. Our final practicum will be focused on Green Technologies and ways that they can be applied to improve our companies and our world. I'll talk more about my team's project in a later post. Providing us "20% more Dan", Dr. Dan Fogel will be mentoring these projects and bringing his passion for Sustainability to the classroom as we wrap up the program in December.

The workload for this semester is quite heavy, discouraging senioritis from all angles. It should foster some very interesting learning and discussions, especially with the intersection of Global Strategy, Leading Changes, Entrepreneurship and Green Technologies. I know my classmate Gregg Lewis will have much to teach us from his hands-on experience in the Sustainability field.
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