Saturday, December 20, 2008

A "Who am I?" Presentation

This post is going to seem strangely out of order (since I started six months late and I'm backtracking), but I figured that I ought to give you at least a little background.  

This was a presentation I gave during our Leadership and Organizational Behavior (LOB) course, in the Fall of 2008. The purpose was to look at why you have the personality you do today (some background), and then based on surveys, studies and concepts from the class, take a look at where you may be going. There was a companion paper with more detail, but I wanted to try out a presentation style that I thought fit my personality and working environment...short, fast-paced, a blur of text and images. It borrowed from Dick Hardt's Identity 2.0 presentation, which of course borrowed from Lawrence Lessig. I don't know if I pulled it off, as the feedback either loved it or hated it, but it was fun to create and present, which is all that mattered to me.