Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1st Semester Summary - BGE (Part II)

Our final project for BGE was a group effort to analysis an emerging country (United Arab Emirates - UAE), using the techniques studies during the course, and determine recommended areas for potential Foreign Investment. Below is our final presentation. More so than our recommendations (which were generally bullish in several areas), the process of data gathering, data analysis, content organization and overall recommendation creation was most interesting to me. Not only did the team do an excellent job of dividing up the workload (risk analysis; financial markets analysis; political analysis; foreign investment analysis; current cultural trends , etc.), but the discussions we had about how the pieces were inter-related was invaluable to bring together the learnings of the classroom. At least for me, it finally allowed me to "follow the money" and "ask the questions to connect the dots" that Dr. Kennedy had pushed me to explore early in the class.
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I'd like to give thanks to my friend Sam Alkharrat, Managing Director of Sales & Business Development for Cisco UAE, for his insight into our country analysis.