Saturday, December 20, 2008

An Introduction

Hi.  My name is Brian Gracely and I'm now a 2nd year MBA student at Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC).  I'm starting this blog about six months late, so you're going to have to excuse my flashback and flash-forward style for a while as I recap some of my thoughts and experiences from early 2008 to today. 

I'm writing this blog for a number of reasons, and potentially for a number of audiences.  First and foremost, I'm writing it as an outlet for myself.  What I've experience over the last 8 months, and what I expect to experience over the next twelve months have been truly life changing for myself, my family and a lot of good friends (new and existing).  I'm also writing it because I like to write, and I need a place to work on using the blogosphere as a communication medium.  I currently blog on work-related topics, The Virtualization Effect, but blogging on personal topics requires a different approach.  Just like my MBA learnings, I'm hoping to better find my voice with this blog.

My goals for this blog are fairly simple:
  1. (As I stated above) Provide an outlet to write about this experience, on various levels.
  2. Provide a history that I can share with my children someday, as they are a huge part of the reason why I'm involved in this program.  I hope to give them great opportunities in the future.
  3. Provide a medium to discuss the program and experiences with other people at WFU, both inside and outside our program.
  4. Potentially provide some insight for other potential WFU MBA candidates (note:  this will not be a recruiting tool)
I'll do my best to keep this updated frequently, and hopefully keep the content interesting.  If the next twelve months are anything like the first six, this should be a worthwhile read.  I welcome your comments and feedback.