Thursday, April 16, 2009

ObamaNation - Lessons from the Front Lines of Social Media

As promised, here is the presentation that Team 5 gave in our Strategic Marketing course on advances in marketing.
As I mentioned before, there was so much that could be covered. We felt like these 5 powerful concepts played a
major role in the success of the Obama campaign. We also believed that those items could be translated to most
businesses, which was the other key goal we had for the project.

After the presentation, as good set of questions and discussions ensued around how to apply this to other
businesses, where we think the next social media trends will emerge (start-ups emerging
from all the layoffs), would this work if it extended beyond 2yrs (most marketing campaigns don't go
that long), and how to create a spreadable message (keep it simple, inclusive and positive).

NOTE: Several people asked this was done to push a specific political agenda. The answer is no. Our team
is made up of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. We chose the Obama campaign because of its
visibility. Since few of our classmates plan to run for political office, our ultimate goal was to help the class
learn concepts that they could apply to their businesses.
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