Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Preview of our ObamaNation (Social Media) presentation

In the publishing industry, there is nothing worse than being "scooped" by your competition. In other words, they got the story to press before you did.

Portia Mount and I are presenting our Team 5 Market Trends report this weekend, something we've been looking forward to all semester.

So I was slightly disappointed to open the mailbox last week and see the cover story in Fast Company (see right) that highlights how Chris Hughes brought social media to the forefront of the Obama campaign and played a huge role in his eventual election. An excellent piece, it highlights many of the focus areas we planned to present.

One of the key points the article makes is that Hughes was the least technical of the three Facebook founders, instead being the one focused on how all this technology could highlight or enhance human behaviors and interactions. While our presentation intends to touch on the underlying technology, there is an entire section devoted to applying the techniques and lessons to almost any business. The approach taken by the Obama campaign will not only revolutionize how elections are structured in the future, but also how companies and individuals will market their brands and products going forward.

That last point is the focus of our presentation. We hope we do it justice in the 10-15 minutes alloted to the presentation. I'll be sure to post the presentation and highlights in subsequent posts following next weekend. If anyone from the Wake Forest community would like to attend , it will be on Saturday April 18th, between 1-3pm in Babcock Room 1101.
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