Saturday, April 11, 2009

What isn't in our ObamaNation presentation...

As with any project, some ideas or concepts don't make the final deliverable and are left on the cutting room floor. Our presentation is next weekend, but I thought I'd highlight some of the areas that didn't make it. It's not that they weren't important, it was just a matter of getting down to something that was powerful and could still fit in the 10-15 minute timeframe. It was a tough call, because our research uncovered so many interesting and valuable concepts that were used to drive the Obama campaign.

Here's a list of things we would have loved to cover in more details:
  • How to migrate a company's existing marketing / advertising culture from internal-centric to community-centric (transparency, brand ownership, brand variations, etc.).
  • Edge Economies and how to let data "into the wild" to achieve results you never could have with existing internal personnel.
  • Partnerships - how to engage stakeholders across your value chain to create greater breadth and variety of your offerings, without additional costs to your business.
  • Breaking the rules and blurring the lines between traditional STP-based Marketing (Segmentation, Target, Positioning) and the uber-STP and micro-STP Marketing used throughout the campaign.
  • PR management during crisis, across various media types.
We'll figure out a way to get our notes on this areas publish somewhere, because they were created through many hours of research and late-night discussions. We actually discussed this topic prior to the class and had both hoped it would be the focus of our studies. It wasn't covered that much in class, so the project became the highlight of the course for us. We're just hoping to do justice to such an important trend in marketing.
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