Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Transitioning Traditional Business to Online Business

Anytime we learn something new, we frequently search for an analogy or previous experience to relate with it.  It makes us feel comfortable.  Combine this with the fact that many things computer-related can be unknown or frightening to people 30+, that weren't born with Internet DNA.  Seth makes a great point of this on his blog today.  Taking advantage of the technology or moving aspects of your business to the Internet is not as simple as "add computer".  

The good news for non-IT managers is that the equation is more heavily skewed towards their experience than one may initially think.  Their knowledge of the business is critical as a foundation for understanding what is needed to make the move to the Internet (or any automation) work.  But of course that experience needs to be combined with an open-mind that aspects of the online business make be very different from the tradition business.