Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Was excited about 2nd Semester..Now I'm Torn

It's 11:15pm on Wednesday and I'm almost finished with my prep-work for this weekend's classes, which kick off the 2nd semester.  While I'm still not that excited about Managerial Accounting (because it's Accounting), StratMktg, OpsMgm't and ITMgm't all have aspects that I'm looking forward to exploring.  

I've been giving OpsMgm't quite a bit of thought, as the first class is focused on Operations Innovation, and the concept that 21st Century business success will be driven by new thinking about these types of innovations.  With the Internet and global competition able to commoditize so many things so much faster, it makes sense that OpsMgm't has the ability to provide consistent financial & strategic buffers between product innovations.

But then I'm scanning my RSS Reader and noticed an updated post from Umair Haque, 21st Century Economics.  On the surface, Dr.Haque probably comes across to some people as an angry guy because of the tone of some of his posts.  I've never met him, maybe he is and maybe he's not.  But one thing he definitely is is passionate about the need to really, REALLY think hard about the types of changes that are going to be needed for the world to recover from the mess it's in today.  I'd love to get access to his lab research and better understand some of his analysis, because on the surface they make alot of sense to me.  The concepts around edge economies, asymmetric competition, creating actual vs. perceived value seem to align very much to the other global topics we covered our the BGE class.  We've seen this environment where short-term rapid consumption and lack of concern about global results has consistently caused crisis (US Currency Crisis in 1970s; Formation of the EU; US Credit Crisis of 2008, etc.).

Why do I bring this up?  Because there is part of me that's eager to learn more about these interesting topics, and part of me that wants to throw out many of those existing theories and explore "innovations" in those areas that will sustainable for the 21st century.  Hopefully there will be enough flexibility to find a balance.  I've told my team that I intended to push that envelope quite a bit during the semester, so we'll see how it turns out.  

The long break for work and school is over....back to the routine.