Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What are the "Rights" of an MBA student?

Dr. Beatty forwarded this to us today.  More than anyone else I've met in the program, Dr.Beatty is focused on trying to get across the point that regardless of any concepts that come up in class (theory, rules, etc.), none of it is useful unless you can truly understand it and apply it to the real world.   He was definitely trying to send a message to the students with this, I believe for all the right reasons.

To be completely honest, after reading a few of the posts on that page, it made me consider no longer telling friends and colleagues that I was pursuing my MBA.  Were those people serious? Just because they have an expensive piece of paper hanging on their wall, they somehow think all the things they learned about competitiveness, strategy, differentiation, etc.. are not relevant to them? Just because they did something yesterday means they are entitled to something today, or tomorrow?  Considering all the MBAs working on Wall Street, maybe that explains some of the reasons we're in the economic mess we're in..??

I'm afraid that this MBA culture is pervasive at many schools, and with many students.  And its not just graduates, but unfortunately it's also prospective MBAs.    

One of the things I really like about an executive MBA program is that most of the students are at an age where they have been through a few bumps, and they have learned the value of doing, and taking actions.  For the most part, they are in this program because they realize they have some deficiencies and are hoping to find new areas to grow and learn.  I've spoken about it before, but this just seems like another example of setting goals needs to be about something bigger than yourself and needs to look farther ahead than your next trip to Starbucks.