Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting your Business to the Right Size

I've written about this before, but Seth always seems to be more elegant at describing concepts that will effect our future. So what does this mean for companies and employees?

On one hand, it means that there won't be as many jobs available (from big companies) in the future as there have been for the past few years. On the hand, it means that companies will look for more ways to leverage outside "groups" to provide functions for them. This isn't a new concept, it's called outsourcing. But outsourcing in the past was about large companies taking over chunks of work for other large companies.

I think that's going to change going forward. It's going to be more project-by-project, or what's sometimes called "Hollywood-style", because it's similar to how studios bring together various groups to make the movie and then it disbands. And with all the interconnectedness via the Internet, those groups can be small and geographically dispersed.

So I believe what this will create is a new market for big companies and small independent groups that create expertise in making this Hollywood-style work very efficiently. Not only will they bring world-class skills, but also world-class integration and process-management. There are some opportunities here for people with operational and project management expertise to create quite a niche expertise and consulting business.
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