Monday, March 30, 2009

Interesting Business Models & Selling Techniques

While classroom studies are interesting, the real value comes in the translation to real world activities. I periodically go through my list of interesting business models or sales techniques to see how they leverage learnings from the classroom, or break the traditional rules to create new opportunities.

Here's a few that I recently found interesting:

Tats for Tees - Interesting approach to reducing the concerns that people have about spending too much on a "want" (not a need) in a challenging economy.

3/50 Project - Powerful concept; Shared concern for 1000s of people; Explained in a simple way that many people can understand and take action.

Threadless - Redefining how a basic product (T-Shirts) is designed, forecasted, and manufactured. Embracing community on a whole new level.

Etsy - Leveraging the long-tail of the market for hand-made goods. A simple way for companies to get access to a huge market, that previously would have been expensive and cluttered.
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