Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pajama Saturday - Kudos to Chris Basinger!!

It started as a small idea, after a few cervezas, while singing along with the local cover band at the local Wild Wing Cafe. How do we make the next 10-11 months more interesting? Especially since we'll be in Winston-Salem during numerous weekends when the weather will be way too nice to be sitting in a classroom.

The first idea didn't work out very well (sorry Matt, my bad!!), but Week 2 was much more successful. Thanks to our local Ralph Lauren Polo manufacturers' representative (and classmate), Chris Basinger, everyone in the class is now the proud owner of a new pair of Polo Sleepware Pajama bottoms. Incredibly comfortable, I highly recommend them as a gift for birthdays or Christmas.

In addition to making everyone more comfortable while sitting in class, they also seemed to raise the ire of our ITMgm't professor (and Asst.Dean), Dr.Iacovou, which is always fun:) Apparently we need to keep this confined to Saturday's, so our bad habits don't rub off on those impressionable full-time students who are bright-eyed, full of dreams, and responsible for driving the ranking of the overall program. OK, we'll play nice. But that doesn't mean that Toga Saturday in April or May is not a possibility!!

So a big thanks to Chris for making our Saturday more comfortable, and thanks again to Team 7 for breaking the mold and having a little fun.

[NOTE: We still haven't figured out the double-secret probation penalty for the people that took the PJs but didn't wear know who you are!!]