Sunday, February 8, 2009

5 Ideas for Facebook to make money - Part II

Continuing on the "5 Ways" thread...

Idea #1 - Yearly fee

Idea #2 - Host user blogs. Taking a page out of Google's book, the key is to collect as much user data as possible. And this recent phenomenon of "25 Things" shows that people want to write about themselves, and others want to read it. In fact, Facebook may want to look at this trend as an opportunity to redefine blogging, maybe something as simple as Twitter and less intimidating than WordPress or TypePad.

  • Do they allow users to use a service that lets that write about products or services they love?
  • Could that become the beginning of "virtual" Tupperware parties, allowing people with common interests to attend online events to socialize, get informed, and potentially buy products they love....all with friends or potential new friends?
  • Could they come us with new mashable ways to collect the opinions, feedback or thoughts around specific topics?
  • Could people choose to be "ad supported" on their blogs by brands that they love or want affiliation with? Maybe they collect a small fee, or are associated with exclusive offers, or just get an ego boost by being affiliated with a brand.
If Facebook can come up with a way for people to write easier and more comfortably, there is huge potential to use this information to generate multiple revenue opportunities (ads, brands, events, etc..)