Sunday, February 8, 2009

5 Ideas for Facebook to make money - Part V

Idea #1: Yearly fee
Idea #2: Blogging - Reinvented
Idea #3: Facebook Reunions
Idea #4: Facebook TV

Idea #5 - Cell Phone Address Book - How many times have you gotten a new cell phone (new model, new carrier) and been told that you can't transfer your existing contact list to the new phone?  Sound familiar?  Or maybe you sync your contacts with iTunes or Microsoft Outlook, but you occasionally get a new PC (or it crashes, or gets upgraded).  

Considering how valuable that list is, and what a hassle it is to recreate, wouldn't you potentially pay $5-10/year to have it backed up?  None of the carrier seem to offer this service today, even though it would create tremendous customer loyalty and satisfaction.  Facebook should fill this void.  They already own your social network "contact list", which you aren't about to move, so why not add your mobile device contact list as well?  

[UPDATE - After writing this, I was informed by several people that Plaxo provides a somewhat similar service already.  Fair enough.  I still think this is a valuable service to integrate with existing Facebook functionality, but I will work on coming up with a new #5 way for Facebook to make money.]


Chris Basinger said...

Verizon offers a backup plan for contacts as part of "My Verizon". It's free to "my verizon" users, which means that if I wanted to leave Verizon, for say AT&T because I have Gracely Iphone envy :) my contacts may be trapped at Verizon. That said, I don't know if I'd pay more than $5 a year to have my contacts stored elsewhere. And if I was going to do that, for god sakes, make it simple to upload / download!