Monday, February 9, 2009

Podcast Review - Killer Innovations - "How to Sell an Idea"

Just got finished listening to Phil McKinney's latest Killer Innovations podcast.  This week Phil explores some proven tips he uses for selling new ideas.  This is even more important in today's economic environment for a few reasons:
  1. During difficult times, companies tend to get conservative and focus on cost savings and reduction instead of keeping at least one eye on growth opportunities.  
  2. Managers tend to focus on their personal safety within the company as opposed to embracing new ideas that could help their reputation or the group's reputation grow.
  3. As has been proven before, innovative companies frequently take more market share during down periods.
As always, Phil does a great job of breaking down the concepts into simple, digestable segments and spends most of his time on the application of the concepts.  At 25mins, I highly recommend downloading it onto your iPod/iPhone and listening on your commute into work tomorrow.  It may help you sell that great idea that makes you a hero in these difficult times.