Sunday, February 8, 2009

5 Ideas for Facebook to make money - Part IV

Idea #1: Yearly fee
Idea #2: Blogging - Reinvented
Idea #3: Facebook Reunions

Idea #4: Facebook TV - Based on the popularity of the CNN/Facebook integration during the Obama Inauguration, there are huge opportunities to create social TV environments around live TV (sports, reality TV, American Idol) as well as online video (Hulu, Joost, etc.).

As much as the younger generation would have you believe that the TV is dead and everything will be watched online or via a mobile device, there are still plenty of people that love the experience of their couch and a huge LCD display (in HD). The technology to integrate a TV + Internet experience is quickly evolving, and the time is now for Facebook to take this to a new level. People will be going out less during the down economy, and staying home to watch interactive events. Facebook has the opportunity to truly change on those people interact with their friends during Sporting Events, American Idol, Reality TV, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, etc.

[UPDATE:  Looks like Major League Baseball is already exploring this path with Facebook.]

[UPDATE-2:  Will Twitter-TV beat Facebook-TV to the punch on this?]