Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Plagarism or Open Information?

One of the great things about today's Internet is the free flow of information.  Combined with things like Google search and various mashable technologies, companies are finding new ways to utilize the vast amounts of information that exists freely on the Internet.  

This evening, I had an interesting experience.  While surfing to, I was greeted by this cover story.  I appreciated them trying to bring attention to something that seemed to be slipping past people.  I agreed with the concept so much, that I wrote about it the day before.

Maybe it was a complete coincidence.  Maybe we both had the same thought while riding the bike in the gym, and their publishing process took longer than mine did.  Or maybe they got inspired by my viewpoint.  Who knows.  It doesn't matter.  What I need to realize (and remember) is that we're all better off because information is free flowing.  Ideas can get created anywhere, get modified anywhere, and hopefully become something bigger and better somewhere down the road.  

It also means that you better have a plan in place (and wheels in motion) if you ever want to make any money off those ideas.