Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Broadcast TV will be dead soon!!

There seems to two consistent themes this semester (in the classroom or reality):
  1. Manufacturing in the US is dead or dying.
  2. The Internet is completely changing all forms of media, and the old ones will be dead soon.
I've written about the impending death of the paper newspaper, and I think it's time to start collecting facts and stories to write the obituary for broadcast TV.  I'm calling it right'll be dead within 10yrs.  How do I know this?  
The first sign that the old industry is dying is when they realize that the competitive service is taking off and the only thing they can do is starting taking short-term actions to block it's growth.  They can't compete with the new service on price or ability to attract new customers, so they resort to actions that are completely defensive and create no value in the market.  

For anyone that is in the content creation business, this is an inflection point.  The online opportunities are now going to happen fast & furious.  You can stop thinking about distribution via broadcast networks and cable, and start only focusing on Internet and mobile devices. Potentially some great new business opportunities for WFU MBA students with start-up ideas.