Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crowdsourcing - Part II - Healthy Lifestyle

If you're spent any time in Europe or Asia, you quickly realize why the media (and Asians and Europeans) like to portray Americans as overweight. As a whole, America has a tremendous obesity problem. But the lack of a healthy lifestyle has not escaped all Americans, in fact, there are many groups of Americans that are as fanatical about health, fitness and diet as anyone in the world.

So my first crowdsourcing question has to do with healthy lifestyle products. In many instances, healthy lifestyle products (diets, exercise routines, etc.) often struggle because they seem complex to start or maintain. They appear to take quite a bit of time to use properly (ie. additional food preparation or unique food shopping). We live in a culture where speed is everything, and people are already overloaded with activities that compete for their time.

Crowdsourcing Question - Given all the benefits that are associated with healthy lifestyles (physical, emotional, financial, sexual, etc.), what are the main areas you would focus on if you were trying to bring a new product to market that created healthier lifestyles for the consumers?

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