Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crowdsourcing - Part IV - Recognizing Value

How much an ounce of gold is worth is a function of supply and demand at any point in time. You can easily look up the going rate for gold from any financial information source. But what can you create with an ounce of gold? How many bracelets or earrings or electronic connections? Answering those questions is much more difficult unless you specialize in products that include gold.

When jewelers sell gold jewelry, they rarely sell it based on weight. They sell it based on quality or craftsmanship, and appeal to the desires of the wearer to look glamourous.

Crowdsourcing Question - In an industry that sell healthy values by a quantity measuring system, how would you go about changing the rules of the game to better highlight the value of the product to improve healthy lifestyles?

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