Monday, June 15, 2009

Still trying to figure out Audience Targeting

These are some pictures of user maps from this blog, (Top-Bottom) oldest-to-newest over the past 6 months. In terms of density or quantity of visitors, the site has made some progress. It gets anywhere from 5-25 visitors a day. This makes sense to me as I've learned a few tricks about cross-promoting it on Twitter or LinkedIn. But the slight demographic shift from Europe to Asia still has me somewhat confused. Obviously I get a little more traffic because I've been writing so much about our trip to China over the past month, but I'm not sure where all the European visitors came from previously. Other than "WFU MBA" or "bgracely", almost none of my topics or keywords would trend high enough to make the first couple pages on Google.

This is still in experimental mode. It's nice to be able to experiment and learn while doing something you love to do (writing), which is maybe the best lesson I should be learning from this. Find something you love to do, and then figure out if you can earn any money from it. I make nothing from this now, but hopefully I'll be able to translate some of the learnings from this digital identity experiment into something more sustaining over time.
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