Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crowdsourcing - Part VI - Strategy

Part V - Joint Ventures in the 21st Century?
Part I - The Big Picture

Building on our Global Strategy course this weekend, I have to wonder if Strategy is a crowdsourable activity? On the surface, it would seem to be too complex a task to expect a disconnected group to be able to coordinate. Maybe the high-level strategy needs to be well understood (ie. a framework), and then crowdsourcing could fill in the blanks and shape the direction.

But could the entire strategy for a consumer product be crowdsourced? To a certain extent, this is what happens with consumer surveys, polling and focus groups all the time. But those are typically looking for a level of validation for an existing product/strategy. So how could you interest others to want to create a new strategy?

I'm interested in hearing any and all feedback or experience on this point.
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