Monday, June 8, 2009

Xi'an Notes

I found these on my iPhone, which I was using as a notepad during the various bus rides and business tours on the trip. I've been reading back through these to get perspective on how my mindset changed throughout the trip and after I returned

Original capital of China
Northwest part of China
8.3M people
No subway system - original line in 2011
Natural gas cabs

Beginning of Silk Road - China to Europe
Terra Cotta Warriors

Well balanced workforce, industry, infrastructure. Gateway to the west. Parallel to US Western expansion?

JV opportunities because of workforce education? Concerns about govt intervenion (IPR issues) because of aerospace industry.

Energy center; Chemical center

Volvo JV: (Joost)
- IPR - copy yourself or done within 90 days
- Supplies from state owned partner
- Top down management (only)
- Prices fall every year - China doesnt follow world market prices (govt subsidies)
- "hourly capital" - lean manufacturing
- 1/3 temporary workers, compete for jobs with others
- Attempts to reduce required floor space by 10% each year.
- Every 1500km west, labor costs drop 50%

Environmental - big difference between regulation & enforcement

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