Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crowdsourcing - Part V - Joint Ventures in the 21st Century?

I've written several times about my belief that the 2008/2009 econalypse and losses of thousands of jobs will be the tipping point to drive companies to move to a much more distributed model of business interaction. I call it "2 Guys and the Internet", and it's focused on the concept that it has become so easy to interconnect your business with others that have expertise that you do not need to have in-house.

Crowdsourcing Question - If you were starting a new company today, and had the option of creating a joint venture between several smaller (existing) companies, or using the "2 Guys" model, which would you choose, and why? The joint venture would bring together expertise in several critical areas for this market (distribution, sourcing, industry knowledge), but does the value of the JV outweigh the challenge of integrating those management teams? Which way would you go?
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