Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reinforcing my "2 Guys and the Internet" model

A little while back I wrote that the likely outcome of this latest econalypse is that corporate jobs will not return in mass, and that a freelance model ("2 Guys and the Internet") or Hollywood-style coordination model would emerge. A study released today from The Kaufmann Foundation shows data that supports that theory.

It also highlights that the average age of entrepreneurs in the US was 39. This is encouraging news for all the students in the executive program that may not love their current position but are concerned about the safety of leaving the existing paycheck. If you start something now, you won't be alone in taking the risk to start that opportunity which might better align with your passion. And since there are plenty of entrepreneurs out there with distinct skills, there are more opportunities to connect with them to provide a broader range of products or services.
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