Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Golden Rules of China

Professor Mike Lord shared various tidbits from his previous travels with us throughout the trip. In an email today, he shared with us a list that he and several other exPats (and MNCs) have been developing since their visits in the mid-1990s.

Golden Rules of China

1. Everything is possible.

2. Nothing is easy.

3. Western business logic does not apply.

4. It is a fun project if there is no deadline.

5. You must persist – things will come your way – eventually.

6. Patience is the essence of success.

7. “You don’t know China” means they disagree.

8. New regulation means they found a new way to avoid doing something.

9. “Internal regulation” means they are mad at you.

10. “Basically, no problem” means BIG problem.

11. When you are optimistic, think about Rule 2.

12. When you are discouraged, think about Rule 1.

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